Sunday, February 15, 2009

effects of modern technology

Modern technology is one of the ways that lets people done their works faster in anywhere they want at all. They are able to do their work through this technology. As a result, they may have less interaction with other people. Modern technology not only has good effects but also bad effects on people. In my opinion, modern technology is good for people who are young, well-educated and have good incomes. It is because when they do their work, no need for them to go to one place such as bank in order to pay their bill. They can save their times from walking to the bank, wait for the long-lines and many more. Then, they are able to 'speak' to other people through this technology at home, school, workplace and anywhere. It is a good method for the students. They can connect to their teachers, parents, freinds and any one they like. This allows them to release their tension in their studies and lives. When they access to the Internet, they can have information regarding their studies. Apart from that, they can email their teachers if they have any clarification what they had learned in past lecture. It will make them feel calm and courageous even their teachers are on vacation. Despite having the good effects on people, modern technology also has bad effects. People who are using this technology may not realize that they may have less iteraction with other people by using this way. Of course, when we are using a modern technology, we do not have time with others because all of our works can be done through it. Find the information, paying bills and buy things or gadjets using this. When we will have interaction with other people?Less, right? Furthermore, people with bad attitude will access bad information that not supposed to do it. Lastly, think about it!!!

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